Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Old Arena *Sighs*

As some of you might have known, I for one, hate the new arena. This post is a little bit to late because the new arena was added 10 to 12 months ago, but I realized I enjoyed the old arena better, these are some of the things it didn't have...

As you can see, my character is shrugging, he doesn't know why they put those barricades up, it makes it to where the "Arena" is just 2 guys standing there and you "talk" to them.. And the sad thing about the new arena is waiting, and all the ranks, and if you have gear your the bomb. (it feels really good when you have gear, having gear my self) The only good thing about it is that your not having a random fight, and you know who your fighting. Except for the real deal, Ranked, you don't know who your fighting, if you want to experience what the old arena SORT OF was like, have someone go down to where you see the battling circle, and the grass. People have parties there sometimes. But anyways, all of this was brought to you by...

THE FAIR PYROMANCER (New Arena Hater) Have fun with Wizard101!!!!!

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  1. ive been in the old arena, and it is fun! my friend has it marked so he can go there anytime he wants. i remember he and his friends had a bash there where it was all grand people smashing each other!