Monday, June 7, 2010

The Proper FareWell.

Sorry for yelling at you, I just had to "vent" my feelings. I'm sorry if you're sad that I'm leaving. I sort of have a potential for quting and coming back, but I seriously feel like shutting this sucker down. I'd like to thank the following people: Amber StarGem, Blaze MoonMender, Ellie MythMender, Stephanie FrostWielder, and Blake FireHeart. I listed these people because I think they DESERVE to be thanked. I'm sorry Alia, Friendly, and Jessica. I think blogging is a like a stinky sock, and I don't have the oppurtunity to clean it, but now I do, and I can clean that dirty sock, and it will stay clean, forever. I will still be playing Wizard101, so if you want to see me online, you'll have to somehow find me. Amber started the same time I did, and we're quitting at the same time, go ahead, and go comment on her's insteand of mine. Wait, scratch that, how about you people out there that say I shouldn't leave, give me a GOOD reason, wait no, a GREAT, PERFECT, reason, to stay with Wizard101 Blogging, I challange you.



  1. Uh, I can't really, cause I'm leaving, but I'll miss your awesome posts, and hope you can wear that dirty sock soon!

    Your Friend,
    -Amber S.

  2. I'll leave the blog open for a week, then it'll be gone.

  3. Well, I regret that so many bloggers feel this way recently, but there is nothing to be done. Do it if you want, and know that someone will miss your blog, even if you didn't know.

  4. Dude, you probably have no idea who I am, but that doesn't matter right now. You have 17 followers. That's 17 people who care what you have to say. There are bloggers out there who don't have 3. I'm working my way up. (12 atm.) How do you theink Friendly, Autumn, and Kevin, got the way they are? They wore that dirty sock and didn't care if it smelled. They just did the laundry and moved on. They kept blogging because they loved it, and because others cared. I hope this will change your mind because I hate to see bloggers leave. Thank you.

    Blaze Silverfist
    The Awesome Sauce-erer