Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pet Owners have an influence on their pets!

Apparently, pet owners can have an influence on their pets at the owner's house. If you drop down your pets, and you put them in the same area and you stand by them and do certain emotes and your pets will react to them. For instance, if you do the Dance Emote, they will dance, as shown below.First you press the Dance Emote.Then wait for your pets to dance, you can see that my cats are up are their back legs dancing, it's a very funny experience, and gives you something to do with your pets. You can also use the Clap emote to get your pets to come to you, as if your clapping your hands and saying, "Come here!"
First you use the Clap Emote.Then they'll crowd around you, some of them won't come, and some of the ones that do come will leave after a while, it's sort of a circle. You can also use the Scold emote (I didn't get pictures of it) and your pets will go away, at least some of them will, and hang their heads down. Even if their as small as a Leprechaun or as big as a Minotaur, they still do. I'm sorry but I think it's funny. You probably think your pets being sad is a funny thing too, right? Anyways, from The Fair Pyromancer, Have fun with Wizard101!

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