Saturday, July 25, 2009

How to make the books float on Wizard101

Lately a lot of people have asked me question like this, How do you make the books float? or Where did you get them from? Well i will give you the answer! You can float the books using dark wood crates or crates of jellybeans. Then, put a lacquered chair on top. Finally, put the books on the chair. I buy them from the bazaar, and the books are called the magig of storm, the art of fire spells, or transformation( i cant remember the name). So there are the answers, if you have any further question, leave a comment asking me some. From The Fair Pyromancer, have fun with Wizard101!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My amazing sky course of a house

My house has floating books! yea thats right, floating books. Myth Master took some pictures of my house and me(which i dont know how to do, so if you can tell me leave a comment telling how) Check out her blog on this link and follow her if you want to :) it could be the right one i am not sure. But anyways, from The Fair Pyromancer, have fun with Wizard101!

Monday, July 13, 2009

PvP cheaters

Now some of you may know of people who "cheat" in PvP. Now let me say something, how do you "cheat" in PvP in Wizard101? Leave a comment telling me if you can or cannot cheat in PvP. If you can cheat, tell how. These 2 players i am about to mention where probably level maybe 25+, and i lost being level 50 with a life friend. I don't know if they(James Death Gem, and Charles Drake) cheated or not so i want your opinion. From The Fair Pyromancer, have fun with Wizard101!

New Wizard101 Blogging

Hello all, I am new to the blogger world, and i thought my first blog would be about Wizard101 and how my blogging is. Wizard101 is a fantastic online game for any age. it has a wide variety of worlds and magic types, and i happen to be a pyromancer, or fire. my blogging name is The Fair Pyromancer. So what that means is i am not like the eveil theurgist or the friendly necromancer. I'm basically neutral. That's pretty much it! So from The Fair Pyromancer, have great fun with Wizard101!