Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Sorry about that link, i dont know what is wrong with it, it said, "SITE IS ON SALE" so I dunno

New Special Effect!

So I was walking around the Commons, bored as can be. And Amber StarGem (here is her link, www.mythmaster.com/blogspot I dont know if it works or not >_<) was at the cheapest house, Wooded Cottage, and a Unicorn popped up......

And that's the new Special Effect, they said it comes and goes, I tried it at mine. It didn't work, but one of the "noobs" there had a unicorn pet, as you can see right to the left of the big unicorn's tail. I don't know, but in the meantime,

HAVE FUN WITH WIZARD101!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh btw, get used to this green large stuff, I think I might do it everytime from now on :P

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Time for the most EPIC face glitches

Okay, this is my archive, of the face glitches ENJOY!
Ah yes, the gracious fire elf, and as you can see, there must have been someone myth teleporting (the myth signs in the backround)

Ooh the orthrus, and look at that first hit, 260, outstanding!

That is all I have so far, whenever I run into one when I think it will be good, I will update my blog with the picture of it (if you have any ideas tell me in the comment section!) But in the Meantime,

HAVE FUN WITH WIZARD101!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time for the noob battle of a Lifetime....

Well, I went to the Shopping District to do me some Happy Halloween chanting in my skeleton outfit, that I LOVE, and some level 5 Apprentice said, "It's not Halloween, you noob!" So then I said, "excuse me?" And he said, "That's right, numb skull!"

"Hey, don't start the skull jokes okay? I can't help it!" said a HANDSOME boy named Allan DragonHammer.(Wow this is turning out to be a story, weird, oh btw, that Allan DragonHammer is really handsome ;-D) Then the leaving 5 Apprentice straightened up his back, shoulders cocked, and said, "I challange you, to a 1v1 match!" And of course, Allan accepted.

(Here is the picture of the beginning of the match-up)

Poor little Wolf TitanWalker, battling against a GrandMaster, but with all the courage he could make, he said, "I AM NOT AFRAID!" Which earned a great amount of respect for Allan towards Wolf, but unfortunately, with all the Storm Snakes, and Fire Cats, in the end, this was the result..

The End

Anyways, Right about now what is going on, my friend had a 3:00 A.M. Christmas, and he got Super Mario Bros. Weeheehe(same game I got) He also got a new Wiimote, They have 4 kids in that family, they only have 3 Wiimotes though. Apart from the game, I got Harry Potter 6, The Half Blood Prince on DVD (I still can't believe that Snape was the one who killed DumbleDore, and he was The Half Blood Prince!) I got a LEGO model from Star Wars, we're gonna glue it together and hang it from my ceiling! I got some clothes, you know, you gotta get some clothes for Christmas right? And that's about it! Right now I am on "Christmas Break" one more week left for no school *YAY*

But in the Meantime, Wait oh ya, quiting blogging, ya that was bogus, B-O-G-U-S

HAVE FUN WITH WIZARD101!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

She got the impossible...

Well, I guess THIS is the last update, but she got the impossible, 10,000 hits! right now when this was posted, she had 10,137 to be exact! But, anyways, this will be the shortest post in the history of posts that were short of postness, oh ya, and it will be not to long too, CYA!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Jessica!

Come on, you read the title. She wants, 10,000 hits? Wow, huge goal, and your almost there! Don't worry Jessica we will get you your 10,000 hits.... Here is the link to her blog, http://pyromancerdiary.blogspot.com/ I hope the link works..... I am really new to this stuff, btw, I have finally come out of laziness for one last time, I think this MAY be my last blog update. But anyways, How about a new font for this thing.. In the meantime,

HAVE FUN, WITH WIZARD101!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Guess where I am.... 2......

Same thing about the first one, you win(btw, sorry bout not getting you the stuff Alia) Short post, gotta go.( looks like no classic "in the meantime......") Cya!