Thursday, February 25, 2010

A horse sent down from Heaven

*This post was not made to offend anyone of which religion or whatever they believe*

I got the idea of this when I was riding around on my mount horse, that was gifted to me by some person who isn't even on my friends list. So I went to the Shopping District (A.K.A. Scamming Central) where people usually go around on their wings (everyone has wings, I barely get jealous..) And find one that was not there and just standing there so I could put my horse right there where they where, and this is what it looked like.

It's a bit hard to see, but I dont use the fullscreen anymore.. But it's the "Horse Sent Down From Heaven" (Not made to offend anyone!) I'm trying to make this blog sort of a funny pictures blog, because that's what I love doing... Anyways, all of this was brought to you by....

THE FAIR PYROMANCER Have fun with Wizard101!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Devious Little Wizard!!!

Okay, so I am just walking around, and I am bored so I port to the Commons, like I usually do. And you know how there is like 5 "porting spots" (basically spawns) and there is usually a lot of people just standing there, and when you move the screen it looks like a jumple of wizard's faces. So I ported and landed in one spot, with my Halloween clothes on, and I saw the funniest jumble of wizards.. Here it is!

Me and a life wizard (I think) and it looked a little better on my screen, but it looks like a wizard with those hats that cover their hair, mixed with a skeleton head. The funniest thing I have ever seen.. (Oh that sounds catchy.. Hehehe) Well that's all I got, all of this was brought to you by....

THE FAIR PYROMANCER Have fun with Wizard101!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Old Arena *Sighs*

As some of you might have known, I for one, hate the new arena. This post is a little bit to late because the new arena was added 10 to 12 months ago, but I realized I enjoyed the old arena better, these are some of the things it didn't have...

As you can see, my character is shrugging, he doesn't know why they put those barricades up, it makes it to where the "Arena" is just 2 guys standing there and you "talk" to them.. And the sad thing about the new arena is waiting, and all the ranks, and if you have gear your the bomb. (it feels really good when you have gear, having gear my self) The only good thing about it is that your not having a random fight, and you know who your fighting. Except for the real deal, Ranked, you don't know who your fighting, if you want to experience what the old arena SORT OF was like, have someone go down to where you see the battling circle, and the grass. People have parties there sometimes. But anyways, all of this was brought to you by...

THE FAIR PYROMANCER (New Arena Hater) Have fun with Wizard101!!!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

The basic bugs.. "Rug Bugs"

Okay, as I promised, I would make a post about the basic bugs, the ones that I made up (discovered) and became famous from.. Here is the first one, that I personally love, and I have had it for 8 months..

The classical, CHESSBOARD BUG!!!!

Then, there is the next bug, that I have had for 10 months.. My favorite, and they were the reason Amber and I became friends, at this very house, here it goes..The FLYING BOOK BUG, I LOVE this bug, This thing is the reason why I am still posting, because people cant beat the easyness of this thing, I call it an obstacle course even..

Then there is the bugs you don't even know how they happened, like this one.

Don't ask me how this happened, I don't know. I only remember it happening. I bought a bunch of beds for no reason, and I put them here, and I sold all of them except 3, I was going to move one(they were all in a line across the wall) and when I did it stopped completely, like super lag, and then the lag stopped. You could see the bed in the place it stopped, but you could go through the bed, I logged off, logged back on, and they were like this..

I called the title "Rug Bugs" for a reason, almost all of the bugs are made by rugs, and boxes, too. If you need bugs, just go for those rugs and boxes, they help.. This was all brought to you by...

THE FAIR PYROMANCER Have fun with Wizard101!!!

Trying to make a series..

I'm thinking on making a series of the glitches, probably, "The Glitches That Everyone Knows" and for the poll, you guys don't have to vote anymore, I made my decision, read the blog below if you dont know my decision ;) Since I dont have my membership, there is a lot of bugs I cannot do, first off, I made up (or discovered, I think I did most of this stuff first) most of the famous housing bugs, in my next post I will show you what they are, I will make it soon, sorry for the short post, I just wanted to get you caught up on everything. All of this was brought to you by...

THE FAIR PYROMANCER Have fun with Wizard101!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Not quitting, and a glitch that everyone knows..

First off, I'm not quitting the blogging, the Wizard101 part is still "sort of quittish" But anyways, here is the glitch that STILL hasn't been fixed, and everyone knows it, probably.. So first you go to the cheapest Krokotopia house, if your friend has it, or if you have it.. Then you run over to the pyramid (I took a picture of it if you dont know what I'm talking about)
From there, you walk straight foward.. Like so, and this will happen..
You go THROUGH the wall! This is what it looks like inside of it..

It looks as if the pyramid isnt there, which is cool to me.. All of this was brought to you from...


Saturday, February 20, 2010

The poll has come back...

Okay, I know you guys are probably like.. OMG, he might not quit. your probably not though.. But anyways, just pick whatever you want on the poll, because I realized W101'erz really want thier bloggers.. I have been playing Wizard101 a little less time than Friendly, but I have been on this game for a while, I am not getting my membership back, I dont want it back, I just go on every now and then if I get an idea to blog about something, or just to see my friends.. As you saw in the post below. What got be thinking is that you guys (3 of you) put BAD for the post below, I dont know if it was a BAD post altogether, or that you didn't like the fact that I am quitting, which is reasonable, I will end this post with a picture :D Just for the "funnyness" guys...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Good-Bye Wizard101!

I am puting my wand back up on the shelf, and saying good-bye to Wizard101, and the blogs that come with it, I am following the step of most of my friends, "There is just nothing to do anymore.." and "It's SOOO boring" Both quotes came from me, and most people who quit.. I will check in JUST to see my friends, and how they're doing (Blaze MoonMender, who uninstalled Wizard101, but he came on last night, Stephanie FrostWielder, she is usually on when I come on, and Ellie Myth"Something" my best friend, she comes on usually, she is Step's sis.. and last but DEFINETLY not least.. Blake FireHeart, who quit like 5 months ago, just to come on when my character had his 1 year old B-day (December 16th 2008 was when he was "born") I will ALWAYS be on around that time trust me ;) So this is the final time you will hear me say these words, AND I MEAN IT THIS TIME!!
HAVE FUN WITH WIZARD101!!! If you can..
-The Fair Pyromancer, logs off..