Sunday, June 6, 2010

Plaza of Conquests farming

When I go to farm at the Plaza of Conquests for pets, (Death Minotaur, Spectre, and StormMan) it's usually crowded, because it's not in an instance. At first, I was fine with this, a few realm changes and you get in a match and you usually stay in matches for a good hour. Then, I realized there was a LOT of people who shouldn't be there. For instance, I saw a few WC people there, and there's a ton of MarleyBone people, going into your matches, wasting your traps, switching the bubbles, etc. I don't enjoy this at all, do you? On a better note, The Trouble Maker guessed correctly on the "Where Am I... Part 3". It was a picture of the screen glitch in RavenWood, I just happened to get a nice screenshot of it. From the Fair Pyromancer, have fun with Wizard101!

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