Saturday, February 13, 2010

Good-Bye Wizard101!

I am puting my wand back up on the shelf, and saying good-bye to Wizard101, and the blogs that come with it, I am following the step of most of my friends, "There is just nothing to do anymore.." and "It's SOOO boring" Both quotes came from me, and most people who quit.. I will check in JUST to see my friends, and how they're doing (Blaze MoonMender, who uninstalled Wizard101, but he came on last night, Stephanie FrostWielder, she is usually on when I come on, and Ellie Myth"Something" my best friend, she comes on usually, she is Step's sis.. and last but DEFINETLY not least.. Blake FireHeart, who quit like 5 months ago, just to come on when my character had his 1 year old B-day (December 16th 2008 was when he was "born") I will ALWAYS be on around that time trust me ;) So this is the final time you will hear me say these words, AND I MEAN IT THIS TIME!!
HAVE FUN WITH WIZARD101!!! If you can..
-The Fair Pyromancer, logs off..