Monday, February 22, 2010

The basic bugs.. "Rug Bugs"

Okay, as I promised, I would make a post about the basic bugs, the ones that I made up (discovered) and became famous from.. Here is the first one, that I personally love, and I have had it for 8 months..

The classical, CHESSBOARD BUG!!!!

Then, there is the next bug, that I have had for 10 months.. My favorite, and they were the reason Amber and I became friends, at this very house, here it goes..The FLYING BOOK BUG, I LOVE this bug, This thing is the reason why I am still posting, because people cant beat the easyness of this thing, I call it an obstacle course even..

Then there is the bugs you don't even know how they happened, like this one.

Don't ask me how this happened, I don't know. I only remember it happening. I bought a bunch of beds for no reason, and I put them here, and I sold all of them except 3, I was going to move one(they were all in a line across the wall) and when I did it stopped completely, like super lag, and then the lag stopped. You could see the bed in the place it stopped, but you could go through the bed, I logged off, logged back on, and they were like this..

I called the title "Rug Bugs" for a reason, almost all of the bugs are made by rugs, and boxes, too. If you need bugs, just go for those rugs and boxes, they help.. This was all brought to you by...

THE FAIR PYROMANCER Have fun with Wizard101!!!

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