Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm baaaack!!!

Everytime I go online to catch up with friends and what's going on in Wizard101, I get an inspiration to make more posts. It's happened again! For those of you who don't know, I "quit" Wizard101 because my membership expired, and it was just boring, anyways. I've realized over the past year and a half (how long I've played Wizard101) that no one really cares about my character, except my REAL friends. The only REAL blogging friend I have is Amber StarGem, who got my house famous by posting about it on her blog, which is highly more popular than mine. My blog gets NO views, whatsoever. It's like I'm at the bottom of the trashcan of bad Wizard101 blogs. Don't comment saying that it isn't true, because your just trying to be nice, and I appreciate it, but I know the truth. I won't be making those weird posts about weird things in Wizard101, like weird pictures anymore. I'll just be giving opinions on them. I also quit because I was waiting on Celestia, which was rumuroed to be made in December 2009, but never happened, and it still isn't made yet today, so I got tired of waiting and quit. That's all I have, and have fun with Wizard101 if you can! ;)

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