Sunday, May 23, 2010

Some odd glitches in the Test Realm

I got into the Test Realm (for the first time) to test on the pets, and I went to my home to see if anything was updated. I saw that I could let my PETS roam throughout the house, which made me excited. So I put the pets that I don't equiip much down and watched the roam through out the house. So then, I wanted to put some of my pets into my bank because my BackPack was getting to full. When I went to put in the two remaining pets I had up, it showed me this.That pet is a Danger Hound, not a HeckHound. For those of you who don't know what a Danger Hound is and what it's supposed to look like, I'll explain. A Danger Hound was awarded to Wizard101 Central members when the Wizard101 FaceBook page got a certain about of fans. I don't remember the actual amount we had to get, but I think it was around 10,000. Danger Hounds are supposed to look like this.
A Danger Hound basically looks like a Death HeckHound, and the same thing happened again. Here it is.
Now that is a STORM beetle, not an Ice beetle. Ifyou don't know what a Storm Bettle is and what it's supposed to look like I'll explain. The Storm Beetle was put in Zeke's stand for 101 crowns when Fiona AshBlood, the 1,000,000th user, was created. Every wizard that had made an account before her got 101 crowns, and you could've spent it on the Beetle or saved up. A storm beetle is supposed to look like this.

I'l be posting more on the Test Realm later, like Housing Updates and such, but in the meantime, Have fun with Wizard101!

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