Saturday, October 24, 2009

May be leaving blogging....

Due to difficulties and insults about being lazy(because I never have the time to make a blog)I might as well shut'er down, unless any of you have anything to say about it.......In the meantime, have fun with Wizard101!(If you can)


  1. WHAT?
    No, you can't do that. I mean, everyone has the right to blog, no matter how many times people insult you. Now, if you moderate your comments, that helps. So maybe your blog isn't so fancy either, but neither is mine! And at least you have some time to blog! So in conclusion, you shouldn't quit.

    -Alia Lotuspetal
    (P.S. You are lucky to have more than 5 followers, too.)

  2. WHATTT!!!!!! You know, you are great at blogging. Don't let yourself down because how many people you SEE reading your blog. There are usually about a thousand people that you haev no idea that exist and actaully read this. I had to learn the hard way. (BTW, you could always get a counter!) You are really a great person, and take it from me, laziness is almost always a good thing. I'm lazy unless we're doing sports, so that means I'm either lounging on the couch or bed, playing wizard 101 by the computer, or sitting on a chair, thinking about what to blog.

    Bottom line is, do not ever give up! This is your life, or blog, yours and yours alone. I am not telling you what to do, what decisions to make. Don't let ANYONE let you down. You are letting yourself down like that. It's your decision, whether you choose to keep your blog or not. I'm leaning you in the 'keep it' direction.

    Take care! Whether I see you in future on the blogging comunity or not, I hope you good luck!